Content Management Systems

Manage Your Content, Don't Let Your Content Manage You

A content management system (CMS) is software which provides the user the ability to control the various aspects of a website without web or programming skills.

The Arche Content Management System is not an out of the box solution. It is a series of modules that once combined; provide a customized solution, based on your specific site’s requirements. One benefit to this approach is you will not have to compromise on the look of your site. The CMS will be built to work with the design you approve. In addition, just about any custom module can be created and integrated to meet your specific needs. Staying true to a custom solution, this allows us to define your requirements and deliver solutions based on your needs.

If you know your general project requirements, give us a call. An experienced consultant can typically provide a general idea of cost, time and a suggested technical approach within 15 minutes. Send us an email or give us a call at 713-963-4605 .
Below are some examples of content management modules.

Manage Content – The editor is a tool which allows the user to edit site content, setup links, add/edit/delete pictures and most of the functions associated with Microsoft word. You will notice many of the buttons are familiar. This is because the system actually loads drivers from your computer, through your web browser allowing you to make the updates with locally installed software e.g., Microsoft Word on your computer.

CMS toolbar


Manage Site Links – The manage links control allows you to update the site sections on your website and set their order. You can also activate and deactivate links.

Preview Function – This gives the ability to review any changes prior to posting them to the live site.

Manage SEO – The system provides the ability for users to add/edit/delete their own Meta tags and keywords. Meta tags and keywords are “hidden words” which help the search engines find your website. A well built site will always have meta-tags incorporated; however, search engine optimization is an evolving process. Some pages will always do better than others. This gives you the ability to update the poorly performing pages on your site, without paying a third party.

Assignment of Responsibility – The Arche CMS can allocate areas of responsibility to specific users. This gives management the ability to assign tasks to specific personnel. It also provides the ability to limit access to areas from other personnel.

Manage Work Flow – Controls can be setup which will allow management to control the publication of content. These can be time based requirements, or they can require a review of documentation, prior to publication.

Manage News/Events/Blogs – Many sites require regularly updated content such as news, events or blogs. The CMS provides direct control over all these types of content delivery systems.

Newsletter System – The CMS can be integrated with a customized email newsletter. Controls, which are typically used to manage the site, are used to create and manage a customized newsletter. Newsletters are tied into client databases which will allow a user to allocate newsletters based on groups.

Private Information – If desired, the CMS can even be used to establish restricted areas, similar to an Intranet, which will allow for the posting of sensitive and/or individual specific information.

Those are just a few examples of how the CMS can be deployed to resolve specific user requirements. What do you need? We’d like to hear from you. Give us a call today at 713-963-4605 or send us an email and we’ll work together to find the right solution for your specific needs.