How to Decrease Long Term Website Maintenance Costs

We’ve all seen out of date company websites. Website that are out of date can produce an negative connotation with it’s visitors. Visitors often think; Is this the attention they give to their clients? I guess their business isn’t growing?

Unfortunately, maintaining a website can be costly from a time and monetary perspective. Also, no company wants to expend their resources on what is often viewed as simple business necessity. However, these costs can be mitigated with proper strategic planning and the proper use of available technologies.

The Importance of a Well Maintained Website

To varying degrees, most companies spend money in an effort to portray a positive image i.e., a nice building, impressive furniture, sales materials, marketing materials, well dressed representatives, and the list goes on. All of this is done in attempt to provide its clients with an idea of how they envision themselves; professional.

If a client (or potential client) is taking the time to review your website, you want to provide them the most up to date, accurate information as possible. If you closed a major deal last week, let them know. If you are expanding locations, provide evidence of your growth. The only people, who are on your website, are the people who matter to your bottom line.

Everyone wants to work for a winner. It may sound cliché, but it is true. We all want to work with a company who is successful, is good at what they do and we have confidence will be around next week. Show proof of your successes.

If your website is out of date, no matter how successful your business, your clients will only know of your successes up to the last time the site was updated.

Mitigating Website Maintenance Costs

Traditionally (until the late 90’s) to only way to update a website was through a webmaster. A webmaster is a person knowledgeable in HTML who can update and maintain a website. Fortunately, since the turn of the century, content management systems have become more pervasive. A content management system (CMS) is software which allows for the average person to update a website without HTML knowledge.

This advancement allows you to update your website, in real-time without paying a webmaster on an hourly basis. The potential drawback is they can be costly to integrate and often require significant licensing agreements.

Arche Solutions provides a modular based content management system which allows its clients to purchase only the modules necessary for their particular requirements. This allows small and midsized clients to gain all the benefits of a CMS, without huge monetary investments.

Read an article on the Arche CMS at CMSwire.com:


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