Ecommerce Strategy

Sell Your Products Online

An eCommerce strategy is more than just a site with a shopping cart. A strategy must take into consideration the main factors which drive online success:

Customer Acquisition – Clients must first be able to find your website. Customer acquisition includes more than just search engine promotion. It is a comprehensive approach to your business which ties all of your marketing activities to your website. To achieve successful online customer acquisition, every option will need to be considered i.e., search engine promotion, organic listings, paid listings, affiliate marketing, blogs, email campaigns, eBay, Craig’s List, etc. In addition Arche Solutions will consider “Out of the Box” alternatives such as YouTube, MySpace, partnered sites, etc. Not one solution will fit every company so we will work with you to find the customer acquisition strategy that will meet your objectives within your budget.

Customer Conversion – Once a visitor comes to your site, they need to be converted into a client. In order to achieve this, Arche first develops a comprehensive mock application which allows you to view the actual steps the user will take, prior to programming. This phase allows us to assess how long it will take a user to find a given product. This ensures that a major issue is not overlooked, reduces the possibility of time delays or a change order.

Order Management – After a purchase has been made, the system must manage it in an easy to understand, logical manner. This will allow your personnel to manage orders, easy and efficiently, with minimal training.

Fulfillment – Once an order has been placed, the system must be designed to (as much as possible) fulfill the order in real time. Contingent upon the requirements, this can occur through the delivery of orders to production facilities, a third party drop ship company or more simply, an email to the person responsible for fulfillment.

Monetary Management – Systems can be created to be completely free standing in which case, accounting occurs in the backend of the site. Another option is to integrate third party accounting packages i.e., QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.

Post Sale – Once the sales process has been completed, every possible option to produce subsequent sales from the client should be considered as part of your eCommerce strategy. Return customers can account for a significant amount of online orders. A number of alternatives are available to ensure a high degree of repeat business, such as, email newsletters, coupon systems, customer engagement (the process of getting a user involved in your company and/or brand, such as with blogs or allowing for the publishing of customer content), etc.

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