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Arche Solutions just launched a brand new site for The Feldman Law Firm

-who is Feldman
Adam Feldman is a criminal defense attorney based in Phoenix Arizona. He recently started his own private law firm. Adam graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in psychology and then continued to the University of Miami School of Law where he graduated with a J.D. and cum laude honors. . Adam worked with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office in Phoenix AZ prior to working for one of the biggest law firms in the state of Arizona.

-what his challenge was
Adam came to Arche Solutions for a custom online identity. He needed a custom web design and a way for his potential clients to find him online.

-our solution
We came up with a modern professional site design that showcased his talent and optimized it for the search engines. We went beyond just the “basic seo” of the site as we continue to help Adam solidify an identity as one of Phoenix most experienced criminal defending lawyers across all facets of the internet by online social marketing and promotion.

We kept the design of The Feldman Law firm simple and professional. We wanted his talent and experience to be forth front and show his potential clients who he is and how he can benefit them.

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-who we are
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