High-End Website Design

So you’ve decided you want a high-end website, but you don’t know what to expect from the process. This article will describe the common approaches to web design and let you know what to expect out of the process.

Multiple Design’s for Review

There are two common approaches web designers use to create high-end websites. The first option is to provide a client with a set number of designs to choose from. This approach allows the client to choose from 5-7 designs and pick their favorite one.

This approach typically sounds good to people who have never been through the process, because they are thinking “I get to pick my favorite design”. Unfortunately, there is an inherent flaw to this approach. What if you don’t like any of the designs? Now you’re stuck in a contract with a company or a designer and you don’t like anything that has been offered. At that point you have to cut your losses, pay more money or choose from the options you have been presented.

Think about it like this, if you have been looking at various web designer websites, you probably think most of them are poorly done, right? Even when you find a website you like, you probably don’t like all their work. How can you ensure one of the designs is going to be what your company needs?

Contracting for Design Approval

Our approach (and many others in our industry) is to contract for design approval. This approach is quite a bit different than previously described. Instead of providing multiple designs, the designer will work with you to try to narrow down exactly what it is your company needs. This will include reviewing website’s you like, learning about your business, understanding your target market and incorporating the look and feel of any existing marketing materials.

Once the designer has a good idea of the design requirements, they will produce a single design. This design is typically delivered as an image, not an actual HTML website. If the design is rejected, the design will be scraped and a new design will be started. This process will repeat itself until you provide a design approval. Contingent upon the company or designer you’re working with, the next step is to revise the design until it has been perfected. Even with a design approval, most of the time there will be multiple edits necessary to achieve a “final design approval”. Each time you go back any forth with the designer, they will provide you with a new design iteration. Although we do not limit the number of iterations, some companies do. Make sure your contract allows for unlimited revisions.

At the end of this initial design process, you will end up with a HTML version of your home page.

Sub-Page Design

Most websites will have a continuous look and feel from the home page throughout the website. This is a design strategy which tries to provide a standard, user-friendly navigation structure that users will automatically recognize when navigating from one page to the next.

This means, when the home page has been approved, the creative portion of the process is mostly complete. At this stage, the designer will require content to populate the website as well as any images which are to be included in the content areas of the website.

Communicating with your Web Designer

One of the most important factors associated with a successful web design project is good communication. Our projects are managed through our project management system. This allows our clients to login and review the status of their project at anytime. However, be prepared for meetings, calls, WebEx conferences and emails. It is a fairly interactive process and your availability to the designer will dramatically affect development time-line.

Arche Solutions Houston Wants To Work For You

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