Intranets and Extranets

Connecting Your Company To Each Other

An Intranet is a software solution which provides secure internal communications between individuals in an organization. An extranet is essentially the same, however, it allows for external access to areas of the system i.e., client or vendor access.

There are a number of canned solutions on the market which, for a licensing fee offer various intranet/extranet functionality. In our experience, most companies who have this need, can be very specific as to their requirements. Arche approaches intranets like everything else, as a custom solution tailored to meet our client’s objectives.

This approach has two primary benefits.

  1. A custom Intranet can be developed to specific client objectives. This allows you to only pay for the functionality you require as opposed to purchasing a large, bundled solution with non-essential functionality. This can result in initial cost savings as well as saving on licensing fee’s as you will own your own system.
  2. A custom Intranet can address, from a functional perspective, each of your individual requirements which may not be available in a canned solution.


Let’s Hear From You

If you have a need for a custom Intranet, please feel free to give us a call at 713-963-4605 or send us an email. We’ll discuss your options and work with you to find a cost effective solution which will address all of your needs.