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Arche Solutions is a Houston website design and development company; focused on customer satisfaction through the establishment of solid, long-term relationships and the delivery of quantifiable results.

An effective website design needs to be appealing to the target market. Age, sex, education, income, family, geographic locations, industry knowledge, etc. can all play a role in a targeted design direction.

At the beginning of the web design process; we learn about our clients business. How they operate, their strengths and weaknesses and focus on how they want to be perceived by their clients. In this stage we begin to define their vision and make suggestions on how their ideas can be integrated into a comprehensive online strategy.
This process often involves reviewing industry and competitors’ websites which they find visually appealing. In this way, our website designers can begin to pinpoint areas of consistency in their preferences.

Once we understand who we targeting, the actual web design process begins. Based on the provided information, a web designer will create the initial web design as a graphical image. This image is provided to the client for review. If the first design is rejected, a completely new design is created. This process repeats until we achieve a design which meets or exceeds client expectations. This approach ensures our clients will receive exactly what they want and since we work on a fixed priced basis, they know the entire cost upfront, regardless of the number of iterations.

In the second stage, we convert the image to an actual HTML website and deploy sub-pages. Once again, clients have the option of modifying the pages as necessary.
The last step is to deploy website content, database functionality and optimize the website for the search engines.  This includes geo-targeting the website for the specific regions of interest.  Are the clients reviewing your website in Houston?  If so, the web design and keywords should reflect this by including content and tags referencing Houston.  This same approach can be applied to states, regions or even nationwide.

The most important factor in the success of a website is that it inspires confidence. A website is the online representation of a business and visitors must feel comfortable working with the company behind the website.

A website must be user-friendly and easy to navigate so visitors can find the information important to them. In the web design process, Arche provides insight to our clients as to how areas can be improved upon to increase visitor retention.

A properly designed website should include calls to action on every page. Call us, email us, buy now, fill out our survey; the site should let the user know what to do. This is a major factor in increasing the click to contact ratio on a website.

Contingent upon the objectives of the site, search engine marketing can be a major factor in defining the success of a website. A properly executed search engine strategy can capture new clients and allow the website to covert these visitors in to leads or sales. The lead Arche search engine marketer has over 8 years of experience in web promotion strategies and we provide our clients with the information they need to establish a successful search engine campaign.

We are Houston based web design consultants who will work with you to develop a strategic online web strategy and subsequently provide implementation which will deliver quantifiable results. Our experience will allow you to make technological decisions based on real-life, proven tactics. We will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages to all the available options. You can then make a strategic business decision as to which web alternatives most closely align with your online objectives.

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If you are considering a new website design, a redesign of an existing website or you are interested in developing comprehensive online strategy, send us an email or give us a call today at 713-963-4605. Houston web design professionals are standing by to get started on your website