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Effective Online Marketing & Video Production

At Archē Solutions, we offer ROI-based online marketing and video campaigns specifically geared to your industry or profession. Our goal is to increase your contact and conversion rates, and thereby increase your revenue. But we believe online marketing is effective only where the cost of the campaign is in line with the amount of money your marketing program produces – in other words, the return on investment must be sufficient to justify the campaign.

Online Marketing and Attorney VIdeo Production

We offer a number of online marketing tools for our clients. As a result, we take specific steps to increase the likelihood that a particular campaign will generate sufficient revenues to justify the cost and effort that go into it. We know what type of campaign will provide you with the best results. And because our services range from website development, to SEO, videos and more, we are able to adjust our activities and gear them to the specifics of your company and your market.

Video Marketing

Maximize ROI and Improve Branding

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We produce attorney marketing videos with the core objective of increasing contact rates, improving quality of contacts while improving branding appeal.

ROI-Based Market Analysis

ROI-based marketing requires a step-by-step review of your firm’s web activity, and an analysis of what type of actions will increase your revenue, keeping in mind the cost of those actions. This includes, among other things, the following:

  • Website marketing is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO covers a wide range of goals, including crawl accessibility (enabling search engines to read your site), keyword optimization, informative and readable content that answers a reader’s questions, links, and more. We analyze the market you compete in, your position with, for example, Google, and whether (a) the position can be improved, and (b) whether and to what extent your position is translating into income for the company.
  • Video Marketing. Online marketing is designed, ultimately to increase your contact rate and your conversion rate, which translates into increased revenue. We have been creating videos for clients for many years, and our experience is that there are three basic guidelines for ensuring that a video is successful in marketing your product or service. In each case, we will review (1) whether the video provides useful information; (2) whether the video shows you in a positive light, so that when you are approached by a customer or client, he or she already feels as if they know you; and (3) whether the video avoids appearing as if it’s a commercial. Our video marketing program has been amazingly successful, In fact, Archē Solutions produces so many videos for our customers and believes so strongly in our video marketing program, that we have a full-blown video production studio in our Houston office. This decreases the cost to you of making videos, allows the videos to be produced in a controlled environment, and at the same time increases your conversion rate. Talk to us about any questions you might have concerning how video marking will work for your firm.
  • Google Pay-per-Click. Paying Google for placement of your website generally has a positive effect on SEO. In most cases, it increases your contact rate, which hopefully, although not necessarily, will have a positive impact on your conversion rate. We will examine whether a pay-per-click campaign makes sense in your case.
  • Social Media Marketing. As social media grows in terms of the number of people who view Facebook, Twitter and other media, it provides yet another avenue to increase your online presence.

These and other tools are available as marketing efforts which can and will, if properly used, bring you an ROI that will contribute to your online success.


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Archē Solutions – Your Source for Online Marketing and Video Production

Whether you are an attorney, a doctor or other professional or service provider, or if your company is a manufacturer or distributor of products, a real estate concern or any other type of firm, we believe you can benefit from the online marketing and video production services provided at Archē Solutions. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your revenue and increase your bottom line.


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