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Website marketing, also known as Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO, is a combination of specialized advertising skills, specially written advertising copy, depth of understanding of how the Internet works, science and web design. Therefore, the process is complex, involving several facets, technologies and strategies. People who can successfully market web sites on the Internet are known as Search Engine Optimizers or SEOs.

One outstanding objective for optimizing your website is to position your web pages and product listings above your competitors’ listings, in Internet web directory search results. When your pages are ranked higher in directory search listings, the visits to your pages will increase, thus the likelihood for sales. Once a new visitor clicks through to your web page, we begin the process of converting the visitor to a paying customer. Conversion is the ultimate objective, where new revenue is produced at the point of sale.


Visibility is the key word in optimization. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of attractive web sites exist on the Internet that are never seen or visited. The results are a total waste of web development investments. We do not want this to be you!

Arche SEOs can establish your web site visibility based on your product and services categories, as well as geographic regions. If your business is not nationwide or international, it is possible to concentrate your web visibility to the city, state or region in which your business is located. Arche Solutions will target the audience who wants your products and services!

All forms of advertising and marketing begin by developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Product branding and brand recognition development can be included. Your visibility ojectives and budget constraints are considered while adopting a final strategy.

What does it cost? Fortunately, basic SEO plans are offered to effectively promote your site at relatively little cost. However, implementation of a full scale marketing campaign can take a significant time, resources and investment.

Arche Solutions can provide you with the resources to drive new business to your site. We can work with limited budgets, or implement your marketing campaign in phases, over time, while budgets are being considered.


There are two methods for implementing Internet marketing. The previous paragraphs address SEO, also known as “organic” marketing. This is the essential part of search engine marketing. If this is not done, or worse, done improperly, a web site may be penalized to the point where it will never be listed in search results. Don’t let this be your site.

These organic or natural directory listings appear as the core results on most search engines. The placement of a given listing in search results is calculated by algorithms. These algorithms take into consideration a number of factors such as web site content, keyword density, site structure, site popularity through linking, and more.

Web sites that implement organic SEO properly, typically win top listings for most major search terms associated with a given business or product category. You may have noticed, for any given search there might be millions of results. But you want your site to be in the top ten. The key is to focus on popular search terms and adjust the pages so the algorithm reads the individual page as a primary resource for information about a given search phrase. The engine then calculates the factors described above to determine where the site belongs in order of importance. This is called ranking.

The process of fine-tuning organic SEO typically takes time. Therefore, top organic listings do not appear overnight. Search engines only update periodically, so ranking progress can sometimes take days or weeks to be seen. Fortunately, Arche Solutions offers you the best of breed search engine optimization services. Call 713-963-4605!


Not all directory search results are derived from the organic algorithms. Pay-per-click, or PPC, listings include highly-visible, reserved areas on search engine pages, that can be purchased, thereby guaranteeing preferential placement. As the name implies, you pay a predetermined fee each time your pay-per-click advertising link is clicked on. In essence, the click fee is determined in a bidding process. Web site owners bid on specific search terms. The high bidder typically gets the most activity for that search phrase.

In highly competitive industries, the cost for paid inclusion can be significant. However, we suggest that our clients view this cost as a direct return on investment. Tracking the PPC expenditures and comparing or justifying analysis to increased revenue is typically straightforward.

Since keyword search phrases are specifically chosen, your cost is directly associated to users looking for your targeted products and services. Pay-per-click is not right for every company. Call an Arche account representative for details and an overview of available options. We are here to assist our clients in making informed and strategic decisions based on their specific needs.

PPC can be thought of as a logical extension of a well-tuned organic marketing campaign. In addition to standard promotional practices, we will think “outside the box” to provide truly comprehensive online marketing solutions.

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