Attorney Marketing Videos


We produce attorney marketing videos with the core objective of increasing contact rates, improving quality of contacts while improving branding appeal.


David P. Shapiro is a San Diego based criminal lawyer.  In this video he describes his experience in doing marketing videos with Archē Solutions

If you are an attorney and are looking to increase your online contact rate, while improving your branding appeal, we provide professionally produced attorney videos specifically designed to achieve those two objectives.  After testing thousands of lawyer marketing videos against each other, we have developed an approach that is not only extremely effective, but can be done at a relatively cost effective rate.

The key to this approach is you providing useful information to prospective clients specific to their particular need and on our end we package your presentation in a professional, aesthetically pleasing format.  If you can provide just one or two pieces of useful information to potential clients, they view you as the authoritative source of information and in the process of your delivery, they feel like they get to know you.  This dramatically increases the potential for a contact and mitigates the possibility of them reaching out to your competition.

Video studio

This does require some preparation on your part as you are the “talent”.  The reason this work is because they are connecting with you.

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate, improve your branding, and you are willing to put in a little effort, please feel free to give us a call.


How much does it cost?
The first video in a day is $1500 and each additional video in that day is $500 per video. Recommended video length is around three minutes, but longer video will not affect cost. If you have multiple videos you need under 30 seconds or over 10 minutes we will provide a custom quote.

Do you have a minimum number of videos during a shoot?
Yes. We require a commitment of at least 5 videos to be done in a day.

How long will it take to get my videos after I’m done and how will I get them?
From a marketing perspective you should NEVER allow a video production company to post your own videos online before you do. This is because Google can view the production company as the “originator” of the videos, thus mitigating SEO benefits. For this reason, we will share our videos with your directly through Dropbox. Contingent upon the quantity of videos you need, this generally takes a few weeks. Any edits you request will also be performed at that time.

I’d like to do videos for all my practice areas, is there a maximum number of videos I can do in a day?
A maximum per day is primarily contingent upon you comfort level in front of the camera. Most attorneys can do around 12 videos by early-midafternoon. However, attorneys who are comfortable have done as many as 37 in a full day. Before shooting it’s advisable to create a priority list of all the videos you would like and put them in order of most to least important. Then you can work through your list during the day, ensuring you get the most important ones done during your time in studio. It is also a good idea to talk to your SEO to see if there are specific videos they would like done, from an SEO perspective.

Do you work exclusively with a single attorney in a market?
If the situation arises, we do retain the right to work with an attorney in your market, however, once you have done a video with us, we will not work with another attorney in your market and area of practice with the same backdrop as you.  They will have to choose another look/feel if they want to hire us.

Do you have a studio fee?
The studio fee is included in the cost of the videos. However, we do require a $1000 nonrefundable studio reservation fee; if not canceled two weeks prior to shooting. The reservation fee is applied to your video production cost.

How can I prepare for my videos?
Upon reservation of the studio, we will provide you a video guide which will help you prepare for your visit as well as guide you on how to prepare you for recording of the videos.